Redesign cockpit length

Finally found the perfect kayak!!!

But the cockpit length is to short for my long legs in my Impex Assateague.

I need “Cockpit extender for dummies”

Cutting, material …

Advice how to fix this myself is higly appriciated.

Kindly advice me how to fix this problem.

Two Ideas
Learn to enter ‘ocean style’. Butt goes in last.


get yourself a Wilderness Systems Zephyr; by far the most shin-friendly boat I ever paddled.

OK… a third idea…
Can you move the seat back some? I’ve done that in my boats to make entering and exiting easier.

anything is possible
If you think the hull is the one, changing coaming is doable.

This guy, did some extensive mods to his Nordkapp.

Other ideas - look how DIYs construct their coamings on strip and stitch and glue kayaks. I think some of them use PVC tubing as a base for build-up.

Even though it is tempting to move seat to make entry easier, keep in mind that moving the seat changes the trim quite a bit - you might not like the way your kayak handles.

I once laid up an entire rim.
It’s a big project but can be done.

I don’t understand why some others in this thread say the seat is in the way. Do they mean some kind of seat back?

Wilderness Systems’ seats can be moved aft to make more shin clearance. I’ve done this with two Tempest 165s. They have backbands. No trim problems.

Keep the thigh braces in mind…
Changing the seat position, will also change the relative position of the thigh braces, moving them farther away… This reduces the “splay” of your legs, which reduces the ability to edge, possibly roll, etc…

Cut a crescent moon section out of
the fordeck, cut coaming, slide the whole thing forward, glass in and rebuild the ‘missing’ section of coaming. Yes, synapsized version but not a big deal to do. I have done this a more than a few times for big guys … Weight of the boat does not really change.

Cockpit or coaming?
So far everyone is commenting on the size of the coaming. My reading of the OP is that he’s talking about room for his legs inside the cockpit - i.e. the bulkhead needs to be moved forward. If that’s the case, the fix should be difficult but straightforward: cut out the old bulkhead and install a new glass or foam bulkhead.

Nice modifications to the Nordkapp
Very nice set of photos of modifications to an old Nordkapp.

I particularly appreciate the lowering of the rear coaming. I don’t understand why Valley doesn’t do this as a stock design feature. There is no reason the rear of the coaming has to be higher than the rear deck. My Elaho DS rear coaming is lower than the deck allowing for a very easy full layback. My Nordlow’s coaming digs into my back even when I lift my butt out of the seat to stretch out on the rear deck.

How tall?!
No advice for how to modify the cockpit, but I’m surprised to hear that an Assateague cockpit is too short. I’m 6’4" with about a 35" inseam and I typically get in my Assagteague butt first and then slip my legs in. How tall are you?

I also paddle a boat with an ocean cockpit, no trouble getting into that boat as long as I do it legs then butt.