redesigning an old kayak cart question

I current have an LL Bean kayak cart (the one with the little arms that swing up and the deep V in the middle type ) but it will only sit at the very tail end of my P+H Scorpio. I want to give it a make over so that i can use it more toward the center of my boat. Has anyone given anything like this a make over? I would love to see pictures. No $$$ to buy a new one, plus i love to re-purpose stuff. Thanks.

Not a LL bean one, but one that I made

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from an old baby jogger that I bought for $12 bucks at a thrift store.
It folds in half, and pushes from the rear with just one finger when it is balanced correctly.
Or you can pull it from the front.
I used it in the miserable portages of the adirondack 90 miler for three years on three different canoes.


Jack L

that is cool…
It would probably get away from me and run me over…he he!

Here are some of mine

I like the centered ones better 'cuz then they support the weight of the kayak. Got another one that I haven’t taken pictures of yet. It’s essentially like my other PVC cart, but made out of schedule 80 PVC. Very heavy duty stuff if you can find it.

Great collection of pics
it gave me some ideas…thank you!