Redfish 12

I’d love all the info from people who have these yaks, or who have some experience with them. I have seen a comparison page on, but maneuverability wasn’t one of the comparisons. Part of the fishing I would do would be in tight fresh water creeks. Lake fishing or ocean fishing would not be an issue as much.

Redfish 12
There are some things about the Redfish I don’t like, but there are a lot of things I do like about it, without ever trying one out in the water. I like what I’ve read on it.

Redfish 12
I would love to know how the primary stability is on this yak aas well as the maneuverability of it. I plan to use it mainly for freshwater fishing in small creeks and the river, but may use it some for salt water, including an ocean launch.

Rouse, most of the SOT’s sold for
fishing have good initial stablility, its secondary stability where some are lacking.

Redfish 12
jerlfletcher, thanks for the info. I had it all backwards. I was thinking that the secondary was better. To me, secondary is more important, but I’d like primnary stability too. I am hoping to find someone with experience with the Redfish 12. I have to get up with the dealer here to give me a demo. I hope to do that this week, but not sure yet.

Redfish 12
jerlfletcher, do you know how the redfish 12 will compare to the other yaks I’ve mentioned? I am looking at the WS ride 135, the Manta Ray 12, and the Hobie Quest. I am 185 lbs and am 5’ 7 1/2 incbes tall, if that helps. I know thje Redfrish 12 weighs in at 65 lbs. I would have to deal with that. Stability and dryness are my 2 most important issues, followed closely by maneuverability. The Redfish 12 doesn’t come with rod holders, but I am thinking I will get a Scotty to begin with, and add some more Scotties later. The one i will get will be mounted on the console.

The Redfish 12 compares most
closely with the MR 12. The Ride is a bigger kayak, wider too. It would be great in the surf, but maybe not as maneuverable. I’ve paddled the Quest, but only in a demo pool. I liked it, especially the layout. It seemed OK. I’ve heard two schools of thought on it. Many love it, but others complain it doesn’t track that well. The response to that complaint has been it may be the paddle skills of the complainer, though that’s not an unusual put down.

Of the boats you are looking at, the Quest is probably the best built. There have been reports that the new Ride holds water in the seat area, but that’s a mixed review. The MR and Redfish are probably the best creek boats. The nod goes to the Ride for open water and surf. The Quest should do it all.

Redfish comparison
jerlfletcher, TY for the info on the comparisons. I tried out a Redfish 12 yesterday. I paddled it for about 2 hours up our local river. The current was running about 2 mph, and the wind was blowing some. It really handled good, but I still haven’t tried out the others. I have been going by the comparison page on I have carpal tunnel in both my hands. As long as I paddled slowly, that wasn’t a problem. I am thinking I paddled about 1/2 mile during the time I was there. Coming back down stream was much faster. I also tried out an Old Town Derigo SIK (spelling). It paddled good too, but I liked the stability of the SOT Redfish better. The old Town may have been slightly faster.

Don’t think that the stability is a
problem with the dirigo. My Loon is similar and its extremely stable. But, a sit inside feels different than a SOT, you are closer to the water. I find SOT’s a bit more unstable feeling because of sitting higher off the water. Good to see you got out on the water and had a good trial with the Redfish.

jerlfletcher, I found the Dirigo to be as you said. The stability wasn’t bad, but it was different from the Redfish 12 SOT. Getting out of and into the SOT was better to me. If the Dirigo was faster then the Redfish, it couldn’t have been by much. Is there a way to keep the paddle water off of the Yak rider? That wasn’t bad, but it would have been much more comfortable if that hadn’t been a factor. I got very little water on me, but it was just a bit uncomfortable. I feel salt water would have been worse.

Adjusting the drip rings helps. Some
drips are going to happen, but adjusting the rings will minimize drips, as will learning to use the paddle.

drip rings
jerlfletcher, thanks for the advice again. I went back to Greenville NC again yesterday to try to se up a demo. One of the main Yaks I was interested in (WS Ride 135) hadn’t come in yet. I was asking the salesmman about this and he besically told me the same thing. By the way, this salesman has helped design one boat i know of (Manta Ray) and is helping I think, with the Hurricanes now. He is on the board as druminator I believe. I haven’t been to that site but once or twice yet. It has all kinds of fishing on it and has a section for yaks. He has been fishing from yaks for 4 years or so now, and is very active in it. Next time I try out another yak, I’ll try adjusting the drip rings. I did notice that some rings on some boats were a bit different in design while I was in the store.