Redfish kayaks foam seat

Anybody out there retrofitted his/her boat with one of those seats sold by redfish kayaks?

They seem to be quite neatly built and probably more comfortable than the fiberglass seats that come in most composite boats.

I am going to be building a boat soon (hard chines), but still undecided on what to build (S&G/SOF/cedar strip). As I was looking for sources of plans and kits I stumbled on this seat.

Any input on the seat?

I wouldn’t put one in, but YMMV
First, a good adjustable backband is better than an in place foam back support. Second, be sure you really prefer a foam seat (I like plastic myself, if well designed). If you do, then why not just buy a piece of foam and carve it yourself. Much cheaper.

the $46 one is a good deal

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As an in between deal, the pre formed seat not the whole custom job is a good value I find, for myself and for student of mine.

Why? It saves allot of carving and the size it comes in is near what most rears need it seems. Making a template for the hull shape and carving the bottom is most all of what is needed. The 4" deep aspect helps immensely with proper pelvic tilt sometimes reducing the need for a back band.

I like to be even closer to the hull to lower the center of gravity and shade off some more but many paddlers like the height it gives as is.

regarding whether a back band or foam seat back is better, this is just a personal choice. One can have whatever suits one!

I find many paddlers profit from learning even on longish days to sit more upright, to paddle more effectively, to strengthen the stomach muscles, etc.

I also find that a 4" deep foam seat with a proper middle of the back small foam back up a bit higher allows for correct pelvic tilt that sometimes reduces or even allows for no back band to be needed. That said there will always be folks who either need or simply like a back band even if it reduces torso rotation. So be it. One can have both a back band a great foam seat.

This is so personal and each person's experience so unique, that I do not say this as for everyone at all. Foam seats are just a great alternative for some that is all.

I also used one
of Joe’s blanks for my stripper. I’ve got long skinny sticks so I had him do me a blank that was 4" longer than his normal version.

Worked great in all respects.


Adjustment nice
It is nice to be able to adjust your seat position on a longer paddle, to give parts of your butt/back a change. With a fixed foam seat you cannot do that.

He sells 4" foam blocks also. I have only found 3" thickness in the past.

BTW, he is one heck of a craftsmen. Even among the really talented and skilled builders out there his work stands out in the front.


I have two of them…

…in my Arctic Terns, just the pre-carved seat bottom I use my own backband.

If you tell him what boat they are to be used for he can cut the foam so that it fits the hull perfectly.

They are wonderful and give you much more control than the kit seats.

true adjusment can be a big deal
I agree. Long trips nice to make adjustments. That is why I have 3M Dualock on the bottom sides of the foam seat! This allows me to make on the move fore aft adjustments of the seat. Just like in a canoe with a sliding front seat, this also allows trim adjustments of the boat and even fixes crossings so the boat’s degree of weather cocking is modified is wished for.