Redfish Seat Noise

I picked up a new-to-me Chesapeake Shearwater 17 the other day. Built just last year, but the builder is moving on to another project.

Anyway, it has a Redfish custom foam seat in it. I've only had the boat out once, yesterday, but it seems comfortable enough. The problem is, it makes a squeak with every stroke as the foam material rubs against the lower back of my PFD ( a Stern V2 if it matters ). The noise is really annoying, and I've never had that happen in a half-dozen or so other boats with this jacket. Definitely won't sneak up on any wildlife with this setup.

Other than switching to my backup jacket that I don't like near as much, or getting a different seat, what can I do? Any suggestions? Something I could wrap the seat back with maybe?

Thanks in advance.

Some fabric on the seat back might
help. Experiment using pins to affix fabric to the foam. Later you can either sew a pocket to fit over the entire seat back, or consider using contact cement to keep the fabric in place.

Sunbrella fabric

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I cover my bike seats with it and it may last forever.
You can get some scraps at a marine canvas shop.

I have a redfish seat but only the bottom and use a std. backband. Love the seat.