Redfish seat

I recently joined what I understand is a rather large club…the broken NDK seat club. Having restored this Greenlander Pro, once again Nigel’s workmanship does not impress. I believe I’ve settled on cutting the offending seat out & replacing it with a Redfish (I’m not into carving my own). What I’m asking for is input from any who have used their full seat & back rest vs. any who have used just the seat pad and their own choice of backband. Thus far I have been a backband guy, but I have no experience with Redfish and would like to hear from those who have, backband or no. Anyone?

I’m one… I’ve had a couple Redfish seat bottoms. The full seat just looked like too much stuff stuffed in there without many options. Mine worked very well with a backband. I gave Redfish the boat model and the seat came matched to the hull shape and easy to make little tweeks.
I loved the seat and they will last forever.
Highly recommend.

Thanks grayhawk. That’s the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Joe sent me a video link about his seats & I tend to agree with your “too much stuff” comment. I think I’ll be going with just the seat pad and stick with my backband.

The full seat provides hip pads (good for bracing and rolling) and back support and doesn’t have to be glued in (tight contact fit), but is expensive. I have the full seat on a Greenlander Pro and it works well and is comfortable. The full seat does take up room behind the seat, which may be an issue if you use that to store a water bladder, etc.

I tried one on an Epic 18X and Rapier 20 but needed to reshape the seat back so that it didn’t chafe/interfere with torso rotation (it worked well but I eventually replaced it with a “Bumfortable” seat for long distance endurance races).

Here is what I used in my NDK greemlander pro.

As a follow up to my inquiry to you all, I’ll share that I called & emailed with Joe at Redfish. I ordered just the seat bottom for my Greenlander Pro. It arrived quickly, fits the boat perfectly, and is VERY comfortable. Workmanship is excellent. Joe even included the scrap minicell left from the seat being carved out of the block, so now I have some extra for a future project. I couldn’t be more pleased. Kudos to Joe & Redfish.

Thanks… Glad to know he’s still on his game.
My S&G kit boats came with awful seats and he was a godsend for me.

A little late, but I’ve seen these installed well in NDK boats.