Redfish seats

Anybody use these seats, they look nice. I was looking

at getting the pre carved butt and thigh seat but

rest of seat is left as mini cell block and you finish

to fit bottom and sides of kayak. I was thinking of

pulling seat on Romany and using this instead of valley

or ndk foam seat because redfish looks more comfy.

Also another option is valley stock plastic seat

which is pretty comfy.

A buddy of mine…
…with an Explorer bought the pre-sculpted blank. If you tell Joe what it’s going into he will cut it to drop right in. Very good deal if your time and your butt is worth anything to you.


I’ll contact Redfish for order
If that’s the case I’ll order. I’am thinking about

cutting out stock seat and leaving enough left to

attach backband to. I don’t think there’s any other foam that looks as comfy. I had Valley foam seat in

Pintail and it wasn’t to comfy. Thx

Had two…
Great… And yes, just Tell Joe what boat they are for and he will cut the shape…

bought two for our Guillimots. Made the wife’s boat is 7% smaller than mine, and Joe made the seats to match. They fit perfect and are pretty comfy. I could have carved them myself, but with the cost of the foam (particularly if I had messed one up) and the time saved, this was $ well spent.