Redneck Sleigh Ride - Beaufort, SC

On 19 and 20 May, we will be gathering in Beaufort SC, to launch and fish the Broad River for Cobia. Thus the reference to a Redneck Sleigh Ride.

If interested, please let me know, so I can plan for your addition.

Plans are to meet on 18 May at 6 P.M., at McPhearson’s Serious Barbeque, on Paris Avenue, Port Royal, SC. Where we will meet, eat, tell stories, and make final plans for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, at 6:30 a.m., we will be meeting at Lowcountry Marine Supply, on Robert Smalls Parkway in Beaufort, SC. To get bait and to carpool to the launch site.

We plan on launching from Elliots Beach, Parris Island, and fishing the incoming and outgoing tides.

Let me know here, if you will be showing up Saturday, and if we can count on you being there Friday Night also.


Can’t make it - sounds unreasonably fun
Have you heard anything from your funny little honey about whether the Shenandoah looks like it’ll fit your schedule in June?

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Cobia up a river?
We call them ling in Texas, and they are one of my favorite fish - best flavor anywhere, but I only have a chance of catching them when I’m in the grady white offshore. I had no idea they came into rivers anywhere.

Well it is a BROAD river…

yakonthefly, how do you guys get those cobia on your yaks? do you use a billy stick to finish them off? I have fished a couple of times for them here in NC at the turning basin at Morehead City, I did not catch one on either occasion, but heard a lot of horror stories from guys who did. I was told if you bring one in green or if they come back to life after the billy, they could tear up a boat with an outboard engine. I even heard of some youn g guys who brought one in a small boat and had to go overboard and hang onto the boat until the cobia died.