Reducing paddle shaft length question:

I no longer need my Bending Branches 280cm carbon shaft ‘Slice’. I would like to cut it down to perhaps a 220 or 230. That would relocate the ferrule quite a distance away from center. Would this be too much stress on the fitting being so much closer to the blade (it would be used to paddle 28 lb. Bell Bucktail; 12 ft LOA, 29 in. Max beam)?
Mark L.

There might be at least one other consideration and that is the shape of the shaft. Some paddle shafts are oval in shape only in the area where your hands are most likely to hold the paddle. Personally, I would never want the ferrule to be anywhere but in the center of the shaft. You might want to check with Bending Branches to see what they suggest.

If you have that much excess, you may have better luck cutting off the blades and shortening each end before reattaching them with epoxy. You’ll have to see whether the shaft extends into the blade or vice versa. I broke a shaft maybe 2 years ago and was able to get a new shaft assembly and do the transplant myself.

Of course this will depend on whether there is ovaling to the shaft and how far down to the blades it extends.

You may be better off selling it and getting something that better suits your needs.

Thank you both for your suggestions. All options mentioned were considered. The right one, I believe, is to get something that better suits my needs (for the little Bucktail), while keeping the 280 cm Slice for its intended purpose (backup paddle for the Explorer when getting caught out while those Winter fronts gust-up and for towing other paddlers)
So I ordered a Bending Branches Plus Slice (215cm to 230cm). Today I tried everything within that length range and found them to be just right.
Thanks again,
Mark L.