Reducing Spray Skirt Leakage

When doing rolls, I get quite a bit of leakage into the kayak from my neoprene spray skirt tunnel, right along my spine. The tunnel fits snugly, but there is slight gap at my spine, where the tunnel spans the muscles on either side. It gets annoying having to dump my kayak out 3 or 4 times during rolling sessions.

Has anyone found a solution for this? It’s too hot for a paddling jacket with a skirt cover, let alone a drysuit. I’ve thought about cutting a narrow, 6" strip of foam pipe insulation and stuffing that under the tunnel, along my spine. Thoughts?

I have considered
shaping a piece of close cell foam to fit my spine and span the gap, and maybe attach it to a velcro or fastex belt to hold it in place. This could be placed under the skirt, but may work better on the outside in which case it may not have to be a perfect fit of the spine as it may just conform to the back as the belt is tightened. Other foam may work. I just have not acted on doing so.

We have posted together on the Leatherwall in the past. I was impressed with your SOF kayaks and bows. I have yet to make a SOF, but it is on my list of things to do. Right now I am doing lots of canoeing when I can’t get to the coast, and paddling tends to take priority over building.

Timed flatulence. Otherwise, where are
you that a drytop isn’t an option? I could wear one on most rivers in summer. The others, well, what’s the problem with a little roll piddle?

Short-sleeve jacket?
I use one mainly for its double-tunnel feature during pool rolling. Not good for much else for me otherwise, outside of a couple of weeks every year (i.e., not enough cold protection if needed, compared to drytop, too much wind-chill…)

Or do some self-rescue/reenter a roll/water dumping practice rather than pump…

another thought
possibly a sponge on the top outside of the skirt with a belt to hold it in place.

Sizing of skirt
Reliable opinion maintains that opting for a snugly fitting tunnel will aggravate the problem. A more flaccid fitting tunnel seems to conform to the erector spinae elevations/midline depression a little better.

into the future…

I agree that a somewhat looser tunnel
makes torso twist and paddling easier, as well as allowing chest movement for breathing.

But my own trials do not support the notion that a looser tunnel will reduce water infiltration. I do not understand your sort of anatomical kinesiological reference.