Reed Aquatherm Spray Skirt

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Anyone have experience with this sprayskirt? It was recommended to me as a nice very flexible alternative to neo, especially for extensive rolling/bracing. The Aquatherm material is supposedly very stretchy but water tight. The only model I see on the web though has the Aquatherm material on deck but nylon for the waist tube which seems less desirable for keeping out water when rolling. Thanks.

I Have
This one…all Aquatherm

not sure where you were looking that you didn’t see it.

I like mine.

very comfy. send in your waist size it works good, seals good, low bulk,dries fast… stretchy…not sure what you want to hear about

it’s not a tuilik and nothing beats a tuilik for rolling. it doesn’t keep water out of your ears etc etc

nothing magic…it’s just a very nice lightweight sprayskirt…

Best wishes


US dealer

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A web search found only one US dealer and they do not carry the all Aquatherm model, only the one with nylon waist. Probably cost prohibitive to order one from the UK.

call to Chris…he will order it the same as he orders everything else…no differance.

ask him,

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here in Australia we use Reed a lot
and some ore switching from their trusted neo to Reed skirts (spraydeck, if you find the feminine dress connotation offensive :slight_smile:

Reed is so much less “steamy” and takes no time to dry.

One problem: surf launching.

If you need to get the skirt on the coaming in a hurry the Reed one takes a bit longer since it’s more “floppy” and does not keep it’s shape to slip on the coaming behind you.

I love their tops too: very breathable.

As much as I hate to admit it, the poms got it right (again) with this sea kayaking gear :slight_smile:

forgot to say
maybe ordering from because of the exchange rate might be actually reasonable.

Mark Sundin will give you a reasonable shipping quote.

Virginia Sea Kayak Center
Go to They have recently added Reed to their product assortment and show the Aquatherm as a stocked item.

I’ve got two
Another recommendation for Virginia Sea Kayak Center if you are going to order the Reed stuff. Tom is a regular on P-net and they are great to work with.

I’ve got two all neo Reed skirts. The plusses are that they are as water tight as any other skirt I’ve found, very light weight and compactible. They clean up easy and grip a fiberglass coaming well.

A couple warnings - the Reed skirts do not mate well with many plastic coamings. For whatever reason they tend to work off and are particularly hard to get secured initially.

Also, a common concern is their resistance to abrasion - particularly the type of abrasion that may come from sliding another kayak across your deck during a rescue. I’ve done some rescue practice with the Reed decks and have not had a problem, but have taken a little extra care to “lift and place” the boat instead of drag. The Reed material is resistant to holes from puncture.