reed aquatherm sprayskirts

I think im going to buy a reed aquatherm sprayskirt and would like some input. fixed waist, ajustable waist cant decide though I think the taped seams may last longer with an ajustable waist model. also does anyone have one with bailhole? is it watertight?

thanks any input would be appreciated.

yes, it’s watertight.
nice deck. not super rugged so if you do a lot of rescues (instructor), it’s going to take a pounding but otherwise awesome deck.

bail hole?
yours does have the bail hole? how old is yours how is the tape holding up on the seams?

thanks again.

I found that the Reed Aquatherm made
a nice spare spray deck. It is compact, light, and fits a number of boats. However, it would not stay put on my Avocet RM (poly). It kept on slipping off the coaming during rolls or deep sculling.

The Reed had a much firmer grip on the coaming of my composite boat.

not great with poly huh.

Great deck…but
It’s a great deck and especially nice to use as a spare because you can fold it up nicely into a dry bag.

My only advice is get the one with the fixed waist and not the one with the adjustable drawstring. I have the latter and it works okay except when I’m doing rolling practice or I’m paddling in really rough water. Then a lot of the pool or the ocean manages to find its way into my cockpit, which is not fun.

Like all Reed products, it’s of fine quality.

How’s the durability?
I think I recall that you’ve had one of these for a few years, is that right? How’s the durability? Do you have to be careful with rescues?

Thanks, Nate

had a Reed aquatherm skirt for my Anas Acuta for about 4 or 5 years or so…from before we had a US importer. since the AA has an ocean cockpit, it doesn’t get trashed the same as a keyhole does in any kind of rescue…it has held up well…the elastic shoulder straps finally got too stretched out so I cut them off…they got in the way anyway. I have the fitted to me tunnel. I like the skirt. It’s very light and nice to wear…I don’t think it’s nearly as tough as a neo skirt…but I like it anyway. seams have held up well…all the tape is still intact.

Best Wishes


durability?.. hmmm
I love Reed skirts and tops.

I have several skirts (for different kayaks) and several tops and pants.

There must have been a bad batch of skirts coz 5 of them (mine and friends’) delaminated prematurely.

However I went back and bought some more since it’s the most breathable skirt I have had to date.

For more info on delamination:

any more input regarding use with poly boats? I was hoping to use it on a prijon yukon…



Well, I actually answered your
question above, but apparently it was not taken at face value. The Reed Aquatherm spray deck does not adequately grip the ‘slick’ cocpit coaming of the Avocet RM, which is a very popular/classic plastic (poly) sea kayak. I do not see the Prijon being substantially different if paired with a Reed Aquatherm skirt (e.g. the Reed will partially slide off the cockpit with an aggressive paddler).

If you have a decent roll, brace, or deep scull you may find that you need a ‘Randed’ style skirt for your plastic sea kayak. In the end I sold the Reed and purchased a Randed Seals skirt for the Avocet RM. The Randed skirt stays put and let’s in very little water. I now use that same skirt on my new P&H Scorpio LV (Poly).

In fairness, my older neo Snapdragon Ocean Tour skirt (bungie edge, rather than randed) would also work on the Avocet RM.

Of course ymmv.

Reed retention on poly

I have several Reed Aquatherm skirts (Reed does also make noe ones) and not all of them have the same retention around a coaming.

Some skirts (same model/size) are manufactured with double bungee in the perimeter hem, some with a single bungee.

Apparently some customers complained that the skirt was “dangerous” and was hard to remove (yeah right) and Chris started to deliver some of his skirt with single bungee.

For my skirts I go double or even remove the original bungee and replace it with real high tension one so my skirts stay on when surfing.

I don’t see why that could not be done on a skirt that won’t stay on a poly boat.

Just make sure that pull tab is ALWAYS out so you can bail if needed :slight_smile:

Better yet, I have sewn an additional diagonal strap that goes across the deck so it’s always there and can’t be tucked under.

PS sorry for late reply but since I can’t subscribe to this thread I don’t check it often…

I bought an aquatherm skirt for my Epic and it works great on that boat but it will not even come close to staying on my Tempest 170 Roto. I don’t recall is it is a single or double bungee. I will have to check that. Maybe it can be used on my Tempest? I really like the skirt.

Maybe I just need to get rid of the roto boat and go all composite? Sounds like a great excuse for a new boat!