Reed Chillcheater in N.America

I should have coupled this with the post on hatch covers, sorry. Where can you order Reed Products/Chillcheater here in the USA??? I’ve gone to the link here at for Reed and I dont see how to order there…so do I have to order their hatch covers from the UK?

do a search for ‘falcon’ he’s a regular. He’s Chris Mitchell and he is the importer of Reed. His website is or

he’s da man.


thanks flatpick
maybe a phone number? do you think it is listed here on

Just sent you an email … NM

I’m there.

hatch covers
Hey Flatpick-question for you…i was looing at getting the reed hatch covers for my tempest last spring…talked to reed about the fit…and they were not certain how they would do…any thoughts???thanks…be good to have as a backup…


pretty sure
they’ll fit. I NEED to get a set, as well.

I’m sure Falcon will reply.


it’s listed on RNA website:

360 642 4052


lat time i tried he didn’t…
can try again…

body boat blade
carries them too

Sea Kayak Georgia
carries Reed products and I hear KayakJeff in Ft. lauderdale is going to also.


Hatch Covers
You can purchase Reed Products from a a retailer near you or on line from


just so you will know
I ordered some pre-self-Christmas presents from

Reed NorthAmerica…a spraydeck was $80…at Sea Kayak Georgia is was $98, and that was after I attended their symposium and took delivery of a new Valley boat there…hmmmmm, who will be getting more of my money in the future and who wont?

Reed North America
Reed North America is the distributor for Reed Chillcheater products in North America and as such does not sell directly to the public. For a complete list of Reed dealers go to