Reed Chillcheater neck seals

I’m interested in the chillcheater dry tops as the neck seals are said to be more comfortable than latex.

Has anyone tried them?

Are they more comfortable?

Do they keep water out as well as a latex seal does?

How well do they handle exposure to the sun and sunscreen?

Any other opinions on them?



Love it
First of all, I am one of those fortunate few that does not have a problem with latex seals. I have lived in a drysuit for a week, used a drytop, paddle jacket, and full suit in my job (teach paddlesports!), so it gets a lot of use. I often get 4 years out of my gaskets, and have only replaced them becuase they get stretched out- yep, never blown one.

That is pertinent info, because I now use my Chillcheater top(s) as much as possible. While there are some times the drysuit is still the best choice, I am happier in the Chillcheater.


No, it is not as dry as a latex seal. But darn close, real darn close. I use a shorty Reed in the surf, and it works well enough there.

It is less stretchy, and a little harder to put on. But it seems a lot tougher (remember that I have never blown out a gasket), and oddly enough, it is more comfortable once on. I have one friend that has never gotten along with latex gaskets (not allergic, just hates the feel), yet is happy with his full Reed suit.

My favorite aspect is the evaporitve cooling- none. I often get cold in goretex when I slow down or stop, and my inner clothing drys out. I do not have a reason why, but my inner clothing with the Reed isnt any wetter- just no evaporitive cooling.

Nice stuff- several local paddlers are using it, and they all seem to prefer it over other garments.


Reed Chillcheater
Hi Kelvin,

First let me say that I am a Reed Dealer and as such, I am biased. I became a Reed dealer after trying the product.

A well fitting latex gasket is hard to beat as far as keeping water out. The down side is that some people find the gaskets uncomfortable and the gasket can tear at any time. Latex is also effected adversly by sun, heat, lotions and, I am told, ozone. The Reed gaskets are simply a folded layer of Aquatherm, which has a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane being a very durable plastic. While not nearly as stretchy as latex it is a little harder to get on, but once on feels more comfortable.

I am a very strong supporter of Kokatat and beleive that no one makes a better drysuit. Reed Chillcheater products are more paddle wear as opposed to immersion clothing. Light weight, comfortable and durable. The beauty of the Reed system is you can add layers to suit the environment and still enjoy freedom of movement.


cant comment on the gaskets/seals
but i’ve got a Coverall Cag by them and it is a wonderful piece of gear,i’ve had the Seal Suit (i think by Valley or NDK) and there is no comparison with the Cag,but there is no true neck seal on this garment, its just to keep you warmer by covering everything else. But the fabric is def. something to consider for warmth and comfort.