Reed Chillcheater Pogies?

I’m considering the chillcheater pogies. I have the tuilik and really like it. Has anyone tried the pogies? Are they warm?

I have a pair and love them - though I’m paddling in (warmish) northern FL - I use them in temps under 60 (typically Nov - March, temps: 40’s, 50’s)
Very easy to ‘use’ - hands go in and out without trouble.
Very lightweight.
Have been using them (in winters) for 2 years.
Don’t know it they still have them, but I got mine from
I also have an old pair of Snapdragon ‘Hyper Hands’ pogies (note: Snap Dragon is no more). These are a little heavier - but also good.
The neoprene pogies are much heavier, but are as or more warm. I have an alergic reaction (don’t know why - arthritis?) to the neoprene pogies.

I have a Greenland paddle. I wanted a longer cuff than on most pogies I was seeing. Wildwasser had some great Greenland pogies, but they aren’t making them anymore.

note: I use the ‘aquatherm low profile pogies’, not the ‘aquatherm fleece pogies’ (long)

… this mornings paddle (note: predawn - ie - no sun warming)
42deg, 10mph breeze; fingers warm (aquatherm pogies), toes cold (Kokatat Nomad boots - need to use better socks)

I live in Michigan and am wanting to extend my season. I ordered the fleece pogies because I find the fleece tuilik nice and toasty.
Ah yes, the feet! I haven’t dealt with that yet.