Reed Chillcheater spray skirt tunnel fit/sizing

Am seeking first hand experience on fit of Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm spray skirt tunnels. I will replace my 8 year old version (with no visible sizing label) with newer and need advice on whether small/medium or large/xl adjustable tunnel is better fit for my 34 inch waist. Almost 2 hour drive separates me from one size at one shop and another 2 hours to other size at other shop. I did find the Reed sizing table which has me in between sizes and with notion that sizing allows for a few layers of clothing.

I hope someone else chimes in, because I’m guessing you’re near the ‘borderline’ (as the sizing table suggests).

I’m about a 31 or 32 waist and have been using the S/M Adjustable waist for many years.
It fits well with just a little spare ‘slack’ around the waist (if the bungie around the waist is tightened - it works well for rolling, if loosened I can barely reach inside cockpit (to reach items or to place pump for emptying water)).

So I’m guessing at 34, the S/M might work, but would be tight at the waist.