Reed Chillcheater Spray Skirts

This is a follow up to a question I had asked here a few months ago about these skirts.

I finally did end up getting one.

I have to say it is a pretty cool skirt for the most part. I got the one with a draw string waist. It is super watertight when mated with a good top.

I like the lightweight of the skirt and the way it keeps out water.

Concerns I have are as follows. First I find it is hard to get on. I find it difficult to get the back seated properly under the rim. I think that maybe ordering a size bigger than recommended may be a good idea.

Next, I find the waist to be a little too big despite being the “proper” size from their site. I would maybe order a size down on the waist.

Last I am not sure it would be my first choice for the surf zone. I did have the skirt implode on me once. That is the first time I have ever had that happen to me. Also, due to the fact that it is hard to get on, I find that to be less than optimal for surf launching, or for those times on the water at the edge of the surf zone where you need to take your skirt off to sponge out some water, etc. I like something I can get on very quickly.

Also find that the waist is not a good seal when you don’t use a top of some sort. No skirt is of course, but this design probably is less so.

I think this will be a great product to use in the winter with a dry suit, as it will be a nice comfortable fit under the spray skirt tunnel.

I plan to use this skirt primarily for dry suit use and for touring. Probably not for the surf zone.


good comments
Pretty much on the money - it is a perfect skirt for flat balmy conditions. And, this is not a skirt to use for rescue practice.

I do really like it, but not as my only skirt. I think it will be perfect for what I intended it for and a good compliment to my IR skirt which is totally water tight and bombproof.

I got mine with the map loops…glad I did as I think it will be good for trips


from where did you order?
Mine is 5 years old and getting due for replacement. I was able to try it on from Sea Kayak GA and also found the waist sizing generous.

You are right on the money regarding the CC skirt. I was wishing they had used a thicker bungee rand for attachment to the cockpit vice what feels like two thin (1/8"??) ones. Tough to get around the coaming - and in surf??? FUGGETABOUTIT!!!

I got the one with the pump access on it.

I asked for a medium tunnel size but the shop ordered me the large and it is too loose.

I got it straight from Reed. Shipping was high. I think that Virginia Beach Kayak Center has them.

What was the question?
Just wondering Matt…what were you looking to find out? :wink: Come on - ask us a question!!! LOL


balmy conditions
"it is a perfect skirt for flat balmy conditions"

great for hot conditions since I found it breathes better than neoprene. Also find it great for surf work with no problem with implosion.

Reed skirts used to come with thick bungee cord in the perimeter but than customers complained that they were scared they could not release it. YOI have seen thick and thin bungee cord perimeter. With the skirt that I purchased with thin bungee, I pulled out the low retention bungee and replaced with thick one.

Now I have no problems with retention and no implosion in the surf. See sample video of a bit of trashing in surf with Reed skirts:

My problem tho: Reed Aquatherm skirts don’t last and have to replaced them every 18 months ( I paddle all seasons).

where to buy
Greg Paquin of Kayak Waveology usually has them in stock.

I agree with Matt, I use them only in winter, in summer I find the tube draw string too abrasive.