Reed Chillcheater

Well…i see that there has been new interest in this company’s stuff…

question: has anyone tried their hatch covers???they look cool…even as just back up hatch covers…


does the rep want to send me a set to try out???


Cannot comment re: hatch covers, but
I’ve been using their aquatherm garments extensively for two years now. I’m a skinny post-cancer patient and I chill easily even in the summer when I’m in the water very long. Wyoming waters never really get warm!

I’m impressed with the abrasion resistance and the thermal protection, especially considering the insignificant wieght of the products.

The thing I like best with the Chill Cheater stuff is the fitment. Priced similar to NRS Hydroskin, the Chill Cheater garments are made to order with no extra fees. These kinds of garments cannot function effectively unless they fit properly to minimise flush. I’ve had poor luck with getting the Hydroskin products to fit my scarecrow body.

I’m going to be trying one of their spraydecks in the near future.

I heartily recommend the manufacturer, the products, and their service. I have not, however, dealt with the North American distributors.

Pleasant waters.


I had Chris Reed make me a tuiliq with a double skirt. An Ocean cockpit skirt above a keyhole cockpit skirt with a bail hole.

to give you an idea of how pleased I am with what they did I ordered the same thing in just a skirt form.

the material is superb, dries quickly and is very comfortable.

I will be looking at their layering system very soon. right now I have hydroskin top and bottoms and kokotat dry bibs and dry top but may just chuck it and get the chillcheater drysuit.

Like Holmes, I heartily recommend them…great product. Remember that you get what you pay for.


Reed North America
Thanks for the Chillcheater comments. For all the reasons you mentioned regarding the company and its products, I became involved with them over a year ago and have since been developing a small, but wide spread dealer network across North America. As the distributor we are stocking most of the paddlewear line and accessories. The hatch covers have been well received and come in 8" 10" and 14"Oval. The spray decks and Cags are the most popular items as the freedom of motion is pretty amazing.

For a dealer list you can go to

Chris Mitchell

Reed North America

I will probably be calling you soon about some products.