Reed Chillcheater

reed and poly
I went out to Geneva Kayak last weekend. They are a Reed Dealer. I talked with them and we looked at and discussed the differences in cockpit coaming. the composite boats have a lip that is less than 1/4" thick and has very definite “edges”. We then looked at the same boat but in poly. The cockpit coaming while the same dimensions around was much different in shape. The poly coaming was at least 3/8" thick and very rounded. In thinking about it further after looking, I can easily see where a skirt that depends on the design features of a composite cockpit coaming to work will not work on poly. The difference is not the fault of the skirt per se but it’s not the application that it was designed for. From everything I’ve read and heard from ya’ll, the Reeds are great, but poly boats are just not their strong suit. Oh, well… on goes the adventure.