Reed Chillcheater

Has anyone used Reed Chillcheater gear?

The stuff is top notch and at a fraction of what the other dry suit makers cost.

I have a Reed paddlesuit Tuiliq which I absolutely love. It is a paddlesuit with a tuilik attached to it with two skirts, one for ocean cockpits and one for regular cockpits. This way I don’t have to switch skirts with different boats.

Also have a regular skirt and some other gear. dries quickly, doesn’t take up much room. Beautiful stuff.


I’ve been using…
their Aquatherm short john, trousers, hood and socks for several years now. I’ve nothing but praise for the products I’ve used and will probably add more Chill Cheater gear to my kit.

I’m interested in their wader-height socks which should be nice for canoeing when I don’t need the full protection or bulk of the Chota Mukluks. The height will allow me to enter and exit a carbon boat in deeper water.

pants and top
I just got their aquatherm pants and top to replace my bulky farmer john. And I got their fleece top and bottom for my paddlesuit. WOW. talk about warm! My Stohlquist bunny suit is twice the volume and not as warm

Good stuff
I have a spray skirt and the tall socks. Spray skirt doesn’t stay on roto plastic kayaks so only for fiberglass or thermoformed kayaks.

To bad there stuff is hard to find here in the USA. I found one place but they have this outrageous shipping policy so it was cheaper to order my socks direct from England.

several items from Chris Reed…I have a Tuilik for an ocean cockpit and a touring Cag and some bent knee pants and a emergency balaclava and an Ocean cockpit skirt… Most of it was ordered before there was anyone importing…all good stuff

Best Wishes


Chillcheater Aquatherm Paddle Suits
I have two, both bought used, and really like them. One needed adjustments - socks too small - and the other was leaking on the chest seam. Reed was great to deal with - I shipped 'em off, very reasonable price, good workmanship and prompt return. I reckon there’s about the price of one low-end Kokatat invested…

The fabric is the best I’ve tried - it has stretch to it, the inner surface is slightly fuzzy, it handles moisture well, and the neck seal is snug and comfortable. These suits are well worth a looksee in my books…

Chill Cheater fleece!
I have 2 sets of the fleece tops and bottoms. Crazy warm and super wicking. I never feel cold in them even when I can wring sweat out of them. Great stuff.