Reeds (Chillcheater) dry cag

Anybody have one of these? Any thoughts you have on em. About to order one. Does anyone have hands on experience with the adjustable neck option?

Thanks for your advice.


Assad, I have one…
and it is a nice, nice thing to have. I love putting it on for lunch on a wet windy day. also, if I dress for paddling at a clip, when it gets colder, wetter and windier it comes out, goes on and makes life real nice. 10 out of 10. This is P Net after all, where whomever the reviewer is, the stuff we like goes to the top of the chart.


Which Reed Cag do you have Dog?

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The Coverall Cag or the LS Dry Cag with adjustable neck? See this link:

Sounds like you are descibing Reed's Coverall or over cag (i.e. putting it on for lunch), but I think the inquiry is in regard to the item in the link above.

Reed LS Dry Cag - neck options

If you are indeed looking at Reed’s Long Sleeve Dry Cag, which is available in either an adjustable or pull-over neck, drop a line to Chris Mitchell at Second Wind Sports.

Chris is both the North American importer and a retailer of Reed. I had similar questions about the neck options on the Reed cags (there is also a “Popper” neck on their Touring Cag). After a lengthy discussion with Chris I went with the adjustable neck and a custom fitted garment. My LS Dry Cag has not yet been delivered, so I can’t yet give you first hand feedback.

have this one

as was stated 10 out of 10 (everthing on P-net)

bought it in 2002 (I think) Nigel Dennis showed me his and I went home and ordered one.

very comfortable stretchy fabric.

I also bought a hood and an ocean sprayskirt

Best wishes


Thanks. Talked to Chris … and I think we are settling on the greenland tulik. Never paid retail for any paddling gear so far … so I hope its worth the hefty cost.


the cat’s meow
doesnt matter which one you get, ChillCheater products are awesome,incredible, revolutionary…its the same material as Fuzzy Rubber and the benefits over neoprene are demonstrable.

I’ve got their Coverall Cag and a Tuliq among other stuff they offer. For me its the drying time. With so many other benefits the ability to dry 10 times faster than neoprene are what gives the material a 15 on a 1-10 scale.

Try the north American importer first.

Was posting to the coverall, but also have an adjustable neck cag.


I have the reed tuiliq. I had them design it with two sprayskirts so that I can jump from a keyhole cockpit to a ocean cockpit without having to change. Very warm and very well made garment.

Just remember that this material does not give you any added flotation for rolling like you would get out of a Brooks tuiliq…But it does have excellent insulating qualities.