Reef brand Pungo Classic

I found a Pungo Classic for sale but it has “Reef” printed on the left side beside the small hatch. On the right front it has “Pungo Classic by Wilderness Systems”. It has an older Phase 3 seat. Does anyone know anything about the Reef brand or where it was sold? Is it just as good as a regular Pungo Classic from the same era or is it a stripped down model? I haven’t seen it in person yet but don’t think it has bulkheads. I’ve never had a sit-in so I’m wondering if I should get both bow and stern float bags for it. One final point is that it has a patched hole that the owner says does not leak. I can’t tell from the photo where the hole is but I think it’s near the front on the side of the hull (I originally thought it was on the centerline of the keel). Is that common? I would appreciate any info or opinions on this kayak at an asking price of $175.

One way to get a hole in the keel is to drag the boat.
It could have been a club or rental boat (Reef)…

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Thanks for the reply. After looking at the photo more closely I think it’s actually on the side of the hull.

It was Wildy using the original Pungo mold for some private label boats (REI sold it too). Simply a way of distinguishing it from Gen 2 Pungos that would have been sold by Wildy dealers at the time

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Can you post the pictures?

I ended up buying it for $150. The hole is in fact in the centerline of the keel just behind the seat. The guy I bought it from said the previous owner had stickers all over it so the Reef name apparently isn’t a brand name but simply a decal that was added.

Here’s a picture.

So it has foam dividers in the bow and the stern that need to be glued back in place. Once I do that should I get 4 small float bags (2 each for bow and stern)?

Also, would love to know how old it is. I can’t find the Pungo Classic on Wilderness Systems website.

The hole is in the keel but the owner said it was caused by hitting rocks on a local river. It does have “DEMO” embossed on the stern

We bought our Pungo for cheap from the local university’s Outdoor Adventure program. College students had dragged it all over, and the keel was worn through on both ends. They had patched it, but badly. My husband got a plastic repair kit and was able to do a nice job doing the repair properly. It was pretty easy.


Do you remember which repair kit or where he got it?

Amazon, I think. He’s checking to see if he can look it up

The price appears to have gone up quite a bit. I think there are cheaper ones

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Thank you!