Reel Choice

Here in the Lone Star State it seems that most anglers use the bait casting reel. I see some folks use a spinning reel and even fewer using the fly. I use a bait caster during winter and the heat of summer to work plastics down deep over structure. I like using a spinning reel to work crankbaits and spinners at medium depth. Spring and fall I’m using the fly rod when the fish are predominantly shallow.

What do you use?

My 12 year old has a nice pricey baitcasting reel and a fly rod(new and less often used so far)and fishes from a SOT.

I have a $5.95 3 foot rod with a push button reel from the household collection. I love that I can always reach the end of the rod to untangle things, and can easily stow it inside my SINK cockpit with me. After taking my son fishing so many times and just sort of hanging out while he fished…I decided to get a license and get after it myself…lots of fun and no frustration about going out but not really covering much distance. Lots of unexplored places here in East Texas on our list. Hope the bite picks up soon. Too bad summer is over for the student!

I use fly reels for salmon and steelhead usually a 7 or 8 weight depending of time of year and which run of fish (summer 7, winter 8). For trout and smallmouth, I use a Quantum spinning reel with 4 lb. Maxima test line. I use flies regardless. Mostly streamer patterns from the Northeast. Grey Ghost, Black Ghost , Edson Light Tiger and dark Wolly Buggers. I use sizes 2 to 8. I start big and drop down according to what the fish want. I troll backwards at about 1 mph.

I admit to have used all four general styles of reel–spincasting, spinning, fly, and baitcasting reels, in about that order. Currently I fish most often with a spinning reel, followed closely by the baitcaster. I’ve only recently picked up a fly rod again, but it is still a lot of fun when the wind isn’t blowing. I don’t think I’ve used a spincasting reel in about 10 years.

Most of the inland lakes don’t feature huge fish here, unless you hook a carp, a dogfish, or a lurking pike, so I can get away with 6-pound line on the spinning reel to fish for just about anything. Once I found that baitcasting reels were THE THING for crankbaits (and anything else that runs in an upright position), I usually bring one along. Last week I was only chucking a small spoon with a piece of a Berkley Power Worm on the end, and I ended up using the baitcasting reel almost exclusively. I haven’t used this lure much before, but the bass liked it.

If I had to choose between the two for recreational fishing, I would pick a spinning rod because it is so versatile with lighter baits. There’s no way I can throw an 1/8 ounce spinner in a trout stream choked with tag alders with a baitcasting reel, short of unspooling line. But if I had to use one type reel to survive, I might just choose the baitcaster and focus on heavier fish (catfish, salmon, pike, and…yes…a big carp will keep you alive as well as a sweet walleye).

Just my five cents.

Spinning and fly…
People are funny… I’m people.

Bought a decent (over $100) baitcasting setup about three years ago so I could be cool like all the other guys who seemed to know their biz. I’d heard that they cast farther, increase sensitvity etc…

Phooey! After fooling with it occassionally for about a year I gave it to Dad. I decided I didn’t want to have to “work” so hard to learn to fish with a baitcasting set up. Adjust thisaway for windage and lure weight… don’t even think about tying on a popping cork… backlash city (for me).

Here’s the funny(?) part… Next thing I bought was a 7/8 wt flyrod to chase tailing reds with. Somehow I didn’t mind having to “work” at learning how to chunk a fly.

Not mentioned is a good ole cane pole or the new and fancy crappie poles. I use them sometimes for perch jerkin and even for fishing for trout under the lights at night. Doesn’t get much simpler.

tooo much
I have so many freeking fishing setups I cannot even tell you how many I own. IN fact I am selling off some of the older stuff to buddies I got into fishing. Most of the time I bass fish in small lakes and rivers. I throw lots of crankbaits and topwaters. Been throwing plastic worms more often. Yesterday I got my first good bass on my newest setup. I have a 6’6" light action baitcaster with 6 pound fusion. I was throwing crappie crankbaits for bass feeding on balls of shad. Ended up with a 2 and a half pounder and a 2.

I also keep one of 3 ultra lights in my Jimmy at all times for emergency fishing. I have 2 flyrods 8.5 foot 7 weight and a 7.5 foot 4 weight. The 4 weight lives in the jimmy as well. 3 pound bass plus 4 weight rod equals fun.

Spinners, baitcasters, and fly. Favorite? Stradic 4000 on a 7’ rod. Switch it back and forth between a Bass Pro UL and and a stiff Fenwick.

Reel Choice
I use the Shimano Stratic or Sahara 2000 series reels. Sometimes the 4000 series in heavy structure conditions. Use a fly rod to depth of eigth feet, depending on current and flow.