Refinish Royalex

Looking at used canoes, budget limited, Kevlal is desired but Royalex options pop up from time to time.

Wondering is any one has refinished one, knows of a how to posted somewhere.

Can faded finish be polished out ?

How would you patch/fill minor scratch’s ?

Can you paint Royalex, what woudl the pre steps be.

Don’t bother.
Royalex boats are supposed to be worry-free.

If the outer vinyl skin is worn-through to the ABS, check for embrittlement by pushing a blunt screwdriver against the exposed area. If it crumbles away, or if it’s worn through to the foam core, keep looking.

Paint yes - refinish not really
Royalex is pretty easy to paint if you are willing to spend about $50 on Krylon spraypaint. Just clean it well with a bit of acetone or thinner and spray the stuff on.

Once the surface gets really scratched and such, there isn’t much to be done - just know that the canoe might only last another 20 years or so and enjoy it while you can.