refinishing fiberglass paddle shaft

Just purchased a Werner straight shaft canoe paddle made of fiberglass. White blade with yellow shaft. The finish is is almost completely gone especially at bottom half of shaft. The fibers are exposed and fuzzy. Would like to repaint it, but not sure if it would last. My main concern is, getting the fibers sealed so I could maybe spray paint it. Just need it to feel as close to factory as possible. Has anyone had to do this before ? Help appreciated !

Not an expert at paddle repair but

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I've only seen the fibers exposed when the paddle has been damaged and not from normal wear. If you are sure the shaft is sound, you can sand off the fibers with sandpaper. Do a careful sanding job and work on smoothing the shaft, not cutting into it. After it is smooth I would wrap the shaft with fiberglass where it is worn. You would need to mix a small amount of epoxy (west marine sells a good quality epoxy) wet the shaft where worn with epoxy with a small disposable brush and then wrap with 6oz fiberglass tape (it's about 1.5 inch wide) in a helical wrap, you can also buy the at west marine, coat the wrap with a thin layer of resin so it is wetted out, work the epoxy into the fiberglass with a small rubber scraper and work both ends so the wrapping stays tight when it dries and watch for the tape curling up or bubbles distoring the wrap. After 24 hours sand off bumps and smooth into the old surface at the edge of the repair. then give it a thin hot coat of just resin. You can wrap it with plastic wrap if you know what you are doing to make a very smooth surface. Not required and a bit tricky though. When it dries sand it down with 200 grit sand paper just a bit, make sure all is smooth and no exposed fibers. Don't spray paint the shaft just leave as is. If the wear is minimal you may get by just sanding the fibers off and doing the hot coat of resin.

You might try
My inclination would be to call, or email Werner. They will probably ask you to send them a picture, or two. They do respond to such inquires, because I’ve done it.

If the issue is comfort/grip, rather than structural/water intrusion, then you could just wrap with paddle-grip tape, electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing, where you hands fall on the shaft.

refinishing fiberglass paddle shaft
No structural damage to the shaft. Most fibers exposed is where it was gripped at lower shaft. Who knows what abuse it went through. I’m sure UV damage played a part. Anyway, I’ll probably try to neatly smooth on a coat of resin, sand and paint. Does anyone know what paddle this is? The blade is like 8 1/4" x 18 “white with a rounded edge. The shaft is 1 1/4” in diameter, yellow with black T-handle. Only name is Werner on blade. I’m thinking it maybe an old Guide.