Refinishing help etc....

I have just started to sand down the woodwork on my merlin II due to poor storage the last 2 months (rain,humidity,stupidity…) small dark moldy spots appeared on some parts of the ash gunnels. I store her on a rack which is covered with a tarp the canoe is free from being touched by the tarp and rests on 2 horizontal padded 2x4’s inside the tentlike structure allowing air to circulate and does not get wet directly. AAAAnnyway…

Is there anything I can do to eliminate the moldy

spots other then sanding. Mabe a lite bleach or ??? I just dont want to take off too much wood, Would’ve liked to just remove the old Watco and hope the spots would be gone but not so lucky.

Also,After sanding and or treating should I clean the wood with alcohol to remove dust etc prior to applying the fresh coats of Watco. I’m new at refinishing wood. Thanks for any help. Ed…

boating supply store
There’s some stuff you can pick up at boating supply stores that is made for cleaning woodwork on boats. I think I picked some up at a BoatUS or West Marine, but any boating store should have some.

Ah’ always sanded stains out

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if they not be inta de end grain, but yer might try a wood brightener made for decks an' fences; or a diluted wood bleach made for wood floors.

Ah's used dis stuff in de past wit pretty good results.

Here be a possible source of information...


Bleach and Naptha
Yes bleach often works to remove mildew spots on wood. Naptha is a good, fast-drying cleaning solvent for wood.

If your gunnels have not been well-maintained I would strongly suggest taking them off the canoe and checking the inside part of the outwales and the outside part of the inwales that you can’t see on the boat. They may be starting to dry rot. They usually only get oiled once (if at all) when the boat is built. They usually look much worse than the parts you can see. Give them a good sanding and oiling before reinstalling.

If you have major sanding work to do on the gunnels, it is often easier to do it with the gunnels off, without fear of scratching up the hull.

would second removing the wales
I just used diluted bleach to clean up my old Malecite. It too had mold from being stored in the shade.

The bleach removed the old Watco too. A couple persistent dark spots got a little sanding, but not much.

I almost pulled the wales off (again) 'cause it’s so easy to do with a cordless drill. But, I just did that 2 years ago. Probably do it again next year.

One great tool to keep a lookout for is a 90 degree offset chuck that goes into a drill just like a bit. With one of those, you can get at the screws that are in tight quarters at the bow and stern.

i love it clarion
you have a real boat life! i’m impressed ; ) my canoe’s gunnels are oiled once or twice a year, have been replaced once, (1977 boat) and are almost black again. i like the contrast between the dark gunnels and the blonde decks. this boat lives out on a salt marsh.[URL=<a href=“” TARGET="_new"></a>]

very nice boats there danny
But no, don’t be fooled. I don’t have a boat life. I just like to get them out and rub on them once in a while ";.)

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thanks, danny I’d love to but …
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thanks !!!
Went out and got some supplies.Now I’m taking a quick break from sanding.I didn’t

remove the gunnels. (chicken or lazy mabe…;^) but I dont think their rotted underneath at all. Almost finished with the sanding and removing the old Watco now I have a better grasp on what was stain and or dirt etc.

Its not as bad as I first thought but I will hit a few small spots with the bleach to see what happens. if it turns out Ok I’ll do the rest as needed.

Question…Is it Ok to wipe down the wood with Alcohol to remove dust etc when all the sanding is done prior to applying the Watco.

what is the best way to get the grain to really pop or give it a 3D vibe. Thanks for The Help!! Ed

I would recommend just brushing the gunnels, using a tack cloth if you are really compulsive, washing the wood with naptha if you are totally anal, and drinking the alcohol regardless.

Or a
Scotchbrite pad. It will take off surface dirt, gently abrade the oil finish.

Thanks to NT.