Refinishing Mitchell Leader Paddle

I have the leader paddle and love it. Has seen many, many miles and I prefer to keep it rather then buy a new one. The tip has seen some action and is pretty scuffed up. Being carbon fiber I’m not sure what to treat it with and am assuming I can use poly on the shaft. Any suggestions on what to use on the carbon? Many thanks in advance.


I take it this is a canoe paddle.
Does the shaft have a protective vinyl sleeve? If not, you might consider having Mitchell refinish it, while temporarily removing the grip so they can put a vinyl sleeve over the carbon shaft.

I have a Mitchell, which I ordered with a vinyl sleeve. Carbon shafts can sustain knicks or cuts which can lead to catastrophic failure. Mitchell would check for these and fix them before applying the sleeve.

It’s work you could do yourself, although I do not know where they get their vinyl sleeve. It is essentially a thick shrink-down tube. Should be 18" or so. Does not need to cover the upper shaft.

a hybrid
wood shaft, carbon blade.

It’s funny, Mitchell got my order
details crossed up, and sent a wood shaft with a carbon faced blade. I sent it back and they cheerfully swapped it for a carbon shaft with a glass faced wood blade.

Obviously with a wood shaft, a vinyl sleeve is not needed. The shaft can be varnished, or thoroughly oiled, or epoxied and then varnished.