Refinishing Roto Plastic

So if we can paint polypropeline (I likely butchered that spelling), why can’t we coat the bottom of my totally torn up (resembles Mars) bottom of my WS Tempest 170? to fill in all the gouges and deep scratches? Liquid Titanium? Where is Billy Mays when you need him.

There must be something out there to restore the lost speed and get rid of the massively increased friction (I do believe I am responsible for the oceans heating up).

Listen up those asking about glass vs. plastic.

Everyone does need five kayaks don’t they?

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

If you bothered to seach the forum…
…you would have found that this question has been asked over and over again. The answer is always the same: Don’t waste your time.

You will never make a polyethylene boat look new again and it’s just going to get scratched every time you paddle it. It’s the nature of plastic boats and you can’t change that. You can spend countless hours trying to repair scratches on a plastic boat and it’s always going to be a waste of time. Your best bet is to resign yourself to that and spend your time paddling instead.

If you want a plastic boat to look pretty forever, the only way is hang it on a wall when it’s new and don’t paddle it.

scratches and gouges…
are G O O D !!! they show you been usin’ her.