Reflections on the Wekiva River

It has been many years since I have paddled on the Wekiva River. What a wonderful Florida river it is. Spring fed and clear at its head waters but changing down near Hwy 46 to more of a blackwater river. We stayed at a house with a dock, and I was able to do 3 early morning paddles while there. I have photos to share with y’all of this near subtropical river.

Sunrise on the river.

A couple of mornings the river mist rising was thick.

Spatterdock was everywhere in the shallows along with many other water plants.

The reflections on blackwater can be vivid.

Old FL river homestead.

I saw just two boats on the water while Paddling. One a fishing boat near the end of a morning paddle and a tandem kayak go by as I pulled the canoe out at the dock.

The house came with 4 rec kayaks. Sister brought her paddle and PFD.

Warning sign near the dock. They also said watch out for bears at night, Garbage cans are bear proof.

There was a pair of Moor Hens courting and sparking near the dock one morning.

A Limpkin landed nearby.

Lots of Dragonflies about. This Dragonhunter dragonfly is the largest of the clubtail dragonflies in the US, and often preys on other dragonflies.

This shed exoskeleton of a nymph is of a different species of dragonfly.

One morning I paddled into the largest flock of Anhingas (snakebird and water turkey are the most common names I know) I can remember seeing. Then the next day they were gone. the photos don’t do the numbers justice.

A view of the dock and shed with rec kayaks where we stayed.

The river is a web of channels in some sections and one main channel in others.

A few shots of the Live Oaks and Cypress draped in Spanish Moss, and a Sabel Plam over the water.


You got some nice shots in that collection.

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