Reflective Deck Line???


Does anyone know where I can buy some reflective deck line on the net?

I bought some last summer when I was at Sea Kayak Georgia and really like it. I have purchased a new boat and want more line for it, but I now live in MD so can’t make it to SKG to buy more for a while.



Buy online
From their website, looks like they would take your order.


it’s called bluewater nite line

Best Wishes


Source for that line
I found this source in Ithaca, NY, though $.70 a foot seems a bit steep.


Sterling Rope
$.70 per foot is about the price of the stuff. I carry it here in my showroom by Sterling Rope. It’s got a little stretch to it so you should expect to tighten it up after you install it.

See you on the water,


Hyde Park, NY

Call Marsha
She’ll send you whatever you want. Is it going on her old boat, the purple one, or both?