Reflective Deck Rigging Line ???

Help!!! Last year I bought some of this reflective deck line from an online supplier. Yikes, I didn’t book mark the supplier and yahoo and google searches havent hepled me. Does anyone know a supplier for this stuff ? It is a wonderfull way to reflectorize a boat.

Blue Water ropes makes Niteline
Not sure on the spelling. I bought some at Galyans Sporting goods $13.99 for 40 ft.

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BlueWater NiteLine Static line
Full product name is "BlueWater NiteLine Static line " or “Harmony NiteLine Static line”.

I think Florida Bay Outfitters had some in stock last time I was down:

No one I’ve bought from online has it listed anymore. A search turned up:

line is nice but you can also buy reflecting tape at auto assessory or hardware stores. Something like $3 for 2 feet worth of 3" wide tape. Strategically placed on your boat will probably do more.

I use it on my dark paddles in case I drop them or when I have to wave frantically to boat bearing down on me in a channel. 8>O


that line looks nice in the first few months but after a year of salt water exposure it doesn’t hold it’s reflectivity as well as those large 4.5"x4.5" reflective adhesive patches.

I’ve noticed no degradation - had it on 3 boats now.

I agree the visibilty is rather linited though - as the amount of reflective is small. Tape woiuld do more. For any of this to work light has to be shined on it. Don’t know about anywhere else - but the boats around here don’t have headlights! All of this stuff is better for finding your own gear in the woods at night with a flashlight - or the highway signs it was designed for.

I just buy it beacuase I like the way it looks and it’s pretty good at not stretching out.

has it.


We have it on our tandem kayak
I really like it and thats why Im putting it on my two solo boats. In conjunction with reflective tape, the deck lines make for a well lit up boat. Paddling in fresh water , I haven’t seen the effect that salt water could cause on the reflective tracer . The same lakes we night paddle on are shared with a bunch of night fisherman. Even though we wear headlamps, I need my boat to shine, because of the night traffic.