Reflective painter line in back

Just wanted to pass along something that I used and liked: reflective painter line from the rooftopped stern to the vehicle attachment point, which in my case is the truck’s hitch receiver.

The reflective markings all along the line, plus the fact that the line swings a little under way, means greater visibility for that 4’ overhang behind the truck.

I don’t use reflective line on the bow painter because the reflectivity would be distracting to me, and anyway the “Keep back” effect is not necessary in that position.

Where did you find this line?
Does it float?

Bought it at REI
In their climbing section. I don’t know if it floats, and it doesn’t matter for use as a painter line. The nice thing is that it is a bright orange with silver reflective strips.

another solution
I went online and bought a “remove Before flight” flag for about $8. It is 3 foot long red and the letters are reflective.It is made of thick nylon and is almost indistructable. I attach it to my rudder, since my yak extends beyond my car about 3 feet.

Good idea I like the reflective part
All I usually use is about 6’ of flourescent orange strap knotted around my rudder with the tails hanging down.