Reflective tape/sheet sources

-- Last Updated: Aug-16-06 10:08 AM EST --

I did some google based research, and found these sites for reflective tape and "stuff": sells bungees, cloth tape, adhesive tape up. has product listings for really cool reflective sheeting, does not provide prices. allows to do online orders, but sells them by 50 yard quantities. That becomes quite expensive, but a good deal if we could get a bunch of people to purchase together.

And, of course,, the ultimate flea market.

Please share.


SOLAS, DOT, other reflective tapes.

SOLAS on eBay
I picked up a short length of SOLAS tape from an eBay “store” named Patagonia Gear Outlet (no apparent connection to that Patagonia) for a few dollars shipped. No problems and got it quickly. He’s always got several auctions and “Buy It Now”'s running at reasonable prices.