Reflective Tape

I am looking for a source for 12" x 12" reflective tape for use on the top of my QCC. With the top being Brilliant Blue, I was hoping to find the reflective tape in blue. I intend to place this where my spare paddle slides under the deck rigging as the area is getting scratched up a bit. Any thoughts beside buying the 2" roll and putting 6 strips parallel?


Here is some
It’s only 6" wide but from reading the description, it is just what you want.

Napa auto parts stores have reflective tape that a lot of my friends are putting on their paddle blades to alert motor boaters to their presence. Not sure what sizes they come in, but you might think about it for that purpose at least.

great site
I’m getting some

Sign shops have reflective vinyl that works great for this purpose. I use it on my paddle blades. It comes in rolls usually 24" wide by as long as you want. It comes in many colors like black, white, green, red, yellow and BLUE. This is good stuff, very durable and very reflective, just like the stuff they use on street signs.


Check at West Marine.

There is a tape dealer on ebay that sells any kind of tape you can think of. Just do a search on what your looking for. I boughtr some camo duct tape off of him and I was very pleased.

Reflective tape
Thanks all, I already looked at West Marine, they had 2" in white, but no Blue. Same goes for the other local boat shops (not to mention that they were outrageous on their price). I did buy the 6" from the vendor SLOOPSAILOR referred me to. Thanks Sloop…


on the cheap
auto reflective bumper tape at wally world is cheap.

truck stops on interstates might have a good selection on the cheap

Reflective tape
I found blue reflective tape at the address below. The roll was enough to do my eclipse, three paddles and to let my friend do her paddles.