Reflective tape

Is there a relective tape that I can use on my black paddle to be more visable to other boaters?

seems to be the top choice for reflective tape. I’ve not found it in small quantities, however. There is a place named Cole Discount that sells it on eBay.

From their posting, it appears that SOLAS stands for “Safety of Life at Sea” and it is a Coast Guard standard, rather than a brand name.

I bought a 20’ roll for $35 with postage - now I have to see if my paddling friends will buy some from me…

Cheers, Alan

By the foot…
I’ve been able to buy it buy the foot in some of the marine stores. Just cut what you need off the larger roll.



Generic sources
We got some from one of the big box stores years ago (Walmart, hardware stores).

Also possibly your local outfitter would have some, or a local marine store.

automotive lights/reflectors section.3M reflective tape,comes in white or red.

I painted my blades with refrigerator
enamel paint. Takes awhile to dry but won’t come off carbon after it dries.


Sure some of us will buy some…
The small quantities of SOLAS tape I’ve purchased at West Marine or EMS are pretty expensive.

I need more now for the Nordkapp LV :wink:


Remember that most reflective tapes are retroreflective, and will only reflect light back to the source. It’s great if someone is shing a light at you, but otherwise doesn’t do much for visibility.

For daylight visibility you’re bettor off painting the blades a light, bright color.

Local sign shops
You can find large rolls of reflective vinyl in many colors at your local sign shop (FastSigns is a chain around here). It comes in like 18" width rolls and you should be able to buy a couple feet of it pretty cheap. I’ve had the same vinyl on my carbon blades for 4+ years of all season paddling.


Truck stops usually have D.O.T.
approved reflective tape in small quantities. tough stuff.