Reflector oven plans?

Hello -

One of our paddling partners (and our chief cook) wants to try some reflector oven cooking on next summers trips. I have access to a sheet metal shop and have the skills to make one. Anybody here know of an online source for plans for a good one?

Thanks a lot.

cYa, Jim


Scroll down below the Bungee Dealee Bobs (or however it’s spelled)

Pretty Wild

Try This

oven plans

Here’s another set of excellant plans for a folding oven.

Reflector oven use
You’ll find you need to keep a very high (height, not temp)fire to have items bake evenly & not just scortch on bottom

reflector oven plans
both the Kraiker oven from Blazing Paddles and Dave’s oven from WaterWalker are great patterns - Dave also has a pretty cool food dehydrator pattern