Refreshing to see:

We were at the 35th annual New River Canoe and kayak races yesterday in Jefferson, NC.

It is the oldest canoe and kayak race in NC.

I don’t think we have to worry about the sport dying!

There was every type boat imagineable, from 9 foot rec kayaks to surf skis and heavy weight plastic canoes to ultralight Kevlar ones, and classes for all, including a “family float”

What was refreshing was the amount of younger adults and teen agers and their excitement and enthusiasm.

What is nice about this race, is they have a novice class for each category, where the participants have never placed in a previous race in any race.

Congrats to the organizers, and the NC New River State park for hosting a job well done.

Jack L

Now I have to comment on…
my post above:

Many years ago ( I think 20 or more), my wife and I entered the C-2 mixed “novice” Class with our big heavy Old Town Discovery canoe.

We ended up winning the "Novice class and so now were “experts”

The next year since we were now “experts” we naturally had enter the “expert” class.

We came in dead last and that is when we went out and bought our first light weight Kevlar canoe.

It has been lots of fun, touring and races ever since!

sounds like a good event
I like those events because it gets people looking at all types of boats. It was at a similar event where I decided to get a sea kayak to replace my rec kayak.

Yeah Man
I might have to do that some year. A buddy of mine has a cabin not far from Jefferson.

Are rocks and shallows an issue? If they are I’ll bring the plastic boat.

Hi Rex

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The answer is yes and no.
If the water is low you definitely need a plastic boat.
If it is high a composite boat is good, but you still have to watch for some rocks.
We monitor the gage ever year and the height determines which boats to bring.
Yesterday was at a good level except the previous few days were rainy and the water was cloudy which prevented seeing the rocks.
Nanci and I raced our Kevlar canoe and we scraped two times with no damage.
I raced my carbon/Kevlar QCC-700 and slammed into one rock that I swore should have punched a hole in the bow.
I kept waiting for the hull to sink lower in the water, but it never happened, and when I got out, checked the bottom and couldn't find any damage and not even a scratch. Needless to say, the QCC is a well made boat!
She raced her plastic Shadow, and said she brushed off a few rocks.
If you ever want to paddle the river give us a heads up and we can possibly meet you there and show you the lines to take.
There were several paddlers there from your neck of the woods and one in a Epic surf ski won the Long Boat division

Jack L

I wish SC State Parks would sponsor
events like this, but there seems to be little interest.

Talk to them and see.
You never know, they just might.

There are various counties and small cities that are on rivers, that might also

Jack L