We own a Coleman canoe that was once bright red but is now verging on being pink. Is there any way to refurbish the color and make it red again? Is there a type of paint that we can use?

You can try Armor-All, it will bring back the color temporarily. I’m not aware of any paints that would stick to plastic like you’ll find in a Coleman canoe.

rubbing compound and an
electric buffer.

I bet its just oxidation that is making your boat pink. Get it off and see what happens.

I would not advise paint… The paint might be more expensive than the boat. And isnt it heavy enough now?

faded pigment
The pigment in the polyethylene will fade with sun exposure. If you really want it red again, Krylon Fusion seems to bond best to plastic. Quite a few whitewater boaters use it on their hull bottoms.

Yes this is a serious answer …
WD40 … spray on / wipe off.

I’ve used WD-40 for a lot of things, but never considered it for this. I’ll give it a shot on a small spot this weekend and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.

I never thought of Armor All. I’ll try a spot of it and see if it outdoes the WD-40. Thanks for the tip.

Your suggestion sounds like it warrants consideration. After reading some of the posts regarding Coleman canoes, it would seem that not many people have a high regard for them. I know my husband says this one tips easier than his aluminum one. However, for the price we paid for this canoe, it has given our kids literally hundreds of hours of fun on the local waters, and isn’t that what they are really for?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not familiar with the product, but I will check it out. I appreciate your reply.

Open Boater Solution
Open boater of Vermont Canoe has an industrial strength cleaner that will do the job. Rob, what is that stuff?

nothing will bring it back
When the pigment fades, it’s gone. Only way to make it red again is to paint it. I see plenty of pink canoes in my neighborhood and they are all cheap Colemans.

There are quite a few “canoe snobs” here, myself among them, but Coleman produced a very servicable watercraft at a very reasonable price that has served a lot of people very well. That’s why they sold so many of them.

They aren’t as fast, pretty, or light, and they don’t always hold their shape as well, but they are tough and they float just fine.