registering a kayak

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I just got a registration form for my pamlico 140. Does anyone know what to do with it after I fill it out ??? THANKS :-)

usually a DNR thing…check with them

Some states don’t require kayaks to be registered (WI), some only if you want to put a motor on a boat and some states require registration in their state or your home state if you want to paddle your boat in their state (that would be Mn)

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Check your states rules
Many do not require non-motorized craft to be registered. A call to the County Clerks office may get you the same info.

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Was it a form to
register for the waranty or to register you boat with the state you live in?

In PA, you need to register your boat if you use any waterways in the state park system. Like $18 a year–I think.

Ohio requires boat registration

What about Colorado ???

Don’t need it:

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"Registration Information - Any boat with a motor or sail operated in Colorado for recreational purposes must be registered with Colorado State Parks."

So motorboats and sailboats only.

Call the dealer or manufacturer
If the form is unclear as to its purpose, you should probably call the dealer, or the manufacturer, as a first step. If it is for registration with the state, it is possible that the form was sent out as a courtesy for in case it was needed. Short of your posting a .pdf of the form here, it’ll be difficult for anyone on this board to be sure of what you got.