Registering canoe - worthwhile or not?

New canoe owner here. I live in Easton, PA along the Delaware river.

I understand that I am not required to register my canoe with the state. But I wonder if, practically speaking it is worthwhile to register and open up paddling in state parks, use PFBC launch areas, or for paddling out of state. The fee for registering is modest enough not to be a concern.

Local advice would be particularly helpful. Thanks in advance.

@force10 , as a contiguous state canoe owner I typically register a high dollar canoe when I buy it new (only required here in NY if you are going to motor it) for no other reason than to establish traceability and to deter theft. If and when I sell it, all I need do is sign the back of the registration and transfer ownership to the buyer, and I have sold one or two canoes to PA folks. So many people lose the Certificates of Origin when they buy a canoe that it makes registration difficult further down the road. If the PA fee is low, what could be the downside?

Thanks Canadice. I hadn’t considered the theft/resale aspects.

That said, I purchased used and the canoe is older - so probably less of a theft target. The only downside is that I would have to pay sales tax as I purchased through a private sale.

Always good for the state to see more canoes so that we may wield more influence to have resources spent on benefits for hand powered craft. (Launch points, etc.)