Purchased a canoe “Northeast Outfitters” from Dick’s and misplaced the registration. What do we do now to get it registered? Dick’s is NO help. Thanks

what state are you in?
That probably depends on what state you’re in. In va, you only need the hull ID #. Of course we don’t have to registar canoes unless we put a motor on them…

Why do you want to register it ???


Some states require it.
In IL, you can get a $75 fine if cought in a boat without a registration in a public waterway.

The registration is only $13 for the first three years and then $6 for each three year renewal.

The registration fee is much cheaper than the fine.

You might mention
this only applies to Illinois residents, or visitors from other states that also require watercraft registration. For instance, Missouri does not require registration of canoes/kayaks and IF a Missouri resident paddles in Illinois all they have to show an I.D.N.R. cop, if stopped, is a Missouri drivers license. I have no problem what-so-ever paying the measly 3 year fee as it does go towards maintenence and patrolling of lakes I paddle.

If you are in Minnesota go to any auto licensing office and they can help you out. Any boat 9 feet and longer must be registered. All you need is the serial number found on your boat. Its usually near the bow. They will want to know what its made of and how long it is. They also will want to know if you paid tax on it. Licenses are good for 3 years in MN.

I had the same problem, took it to a

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marina and they fixed me up. Costs extra but I was good to go that day... in PA

Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention paying the sales tax. They charged me for the form too.

In some states,
PA for example, you must prove you paid the state sales tax for the boat.

I won a canoe in a raffle, I had to pay the estimated 6% sales tax to register my boat.

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Avoid PA Taxes
Its true if you wish to “Register” your boat in PA you will need to prove that the taxes were paid.

The better option for non powered craft is to just buy a yearly “Launch Permit” from either the DCNR or the PAFBC. Both give you the same usage rights as the full registration, but avoid all the messy paperwork.

Also in Pa
I was told by a canoeist who knows someone in DER or whichever it is that registers canoes that they have never put the data in a data base so it’s kind of a waste of time.

As said, a sticker is enough in Pa. and that only if you plan to launch from a state site.

Pennsylvania Information

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Information on PA boat stickers is here: