Rehab for broken collar bone

Has anyone here had to rehab a broken collar bone to get back to kayak paddling? Any suggestions?

Shoulder fracture here, not collar bone. Went for physical therapy and also did the exercises at home twice a day. Still do six rotator cuff exercises three times a week. Here’s a link which gives you some suggestions about clavicle rehab:

But you really should book some time with a physical therapist.

Best wishes for fast healing!

Not only broke but shattered mine.
I don’t remember any rehab. Just started using it easy after 6 weeks. Paddling was not a problem.
Mine happened in a very primitive area of S. America hardest part was getting home.
Your results may vary.

I broke a collar bone pre-paddling. It’s nothing. It heals up and you just keep on going. Had a shoulder injury post- paddling and a shot of cortizone helped greatly. If anything shoulder issues will force you to be a better paddler. Keep your elbows down and USE YOUR TORSO… either rotation or crunches. No more ‘arm paddling’.