REI Camp-hut Tent question

I haven’t used my tent in a couple of years (it’s probably 8 yrs old/been stored in unconditioned garage closet), and this weekend, I camped with my daughter. All of the waterproofed surfaces - tent floor and rain-fly, are sticky on the inner side. The temperature was in the 90s during the day (we still enjoyed it), and it was humid, but I have never had this issue before. Should I think about a new tent (no other complaints), or is there a cure? I anticipate doing more beach camping and this is going to be a mess with sand.

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Your choice depends on how ambitious you are. If you don’t care to repaint all the surfaces, here’s a new tent for you at a great price:

New Camp Hut
Or you can get a brand new Camp Hut 2 or 4 here:

. . . but there are much better tents on the market today, including the Kelty Trail Ridge 4 I mentioned.

If it were me I would chuck it
and get a new tent. I had the same thing happen to me once. I learned my lesson. Now I store my tents bone dry loose in a large cotton storage sack indoors in a heated area of my home. I have had no problems since.

I think you would be fine storing it
loose in an unheated area.

We have six tents all of them at least several years old and stored draped over the barn rafters.

Rolled up I think is where you get sticky issues

I appreciate all the responses. I will cope with it for the time being and start thinking about a new tent. New one, and my other one will henceforth be stored un-bagged.