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Check your dividend packet or go inline: There is a 20% off coupon for any one piece of gear at list price. And dry and semi-dry suits are NOT EXCLUDED in this sale. I was on the fence regarding a suit, but subtract 20% and subtract your dividend and a Kokatat semi-dry looks too good to pass up.


Does this apply to custom orders?
I have strange dimensions.

You are not the only one
with strange dimensions. i am hoping that the XXL will fit my chest/gut. Going to have some extra leg length though.

Offer applies only to in-stock items. No custom orders.


even if you are not a member
when you make your first online purchase and click to confirm, you’ll get a coupon and code

for 15% off non sale items good for 30 days after the online purchase.

Plus - anytime - if you check off that you’ll pick up at an REI store there’s no shipping.

I already used the coupon and
bought a Method 2 mountain bike. I saved $454 plus used my rebate.

I imagine you’ll also get a 5% divident
on the amount that you do pay for the item, payed out next year, too. Is that right?

Paul S.

In my experience

– Last Updated: Mar-02-07 5:51 PM EST –

the dividend is not applied to sale items or coupon discount items. I used mine (discount and dividend) last year for a Supernova semi-dry suit. No choice of color and in stock items only. So, now my yellow and black colors are yellow, black, gray, and raspberry. Couldn't beat the price.

I think you used to get a full 10% dividend on that 20% off item but that’s been a couple of years… and I could be wrong…

Haven’t seen mine yet - any day now I guess.

mesh bags
as long as you’re there REI has some heavy mesh bags for dirt cheap. There must be a village in China making them. The reason why I like them is that the small one can make good under deck bags with a few mods.

You can only
get what is on the website. When you look at an item online, it has a drop down menu on sizes and colors available for that particular item. That’s what you get. The 20% only applies to regular priced items. Sale items and anything on their online outlet store doesn’t get the 20% off. If a discount is more than 10% (as in this case with the current sale ad) it will not count toward next year’s dividend.

Fret not, though. Your dividend is good until Dec 31 2008 and in May they’re going to have their cool spring sale with the 20% off offered again. :slight_smile:

You mean
the heavy duty mesh bags, in about four sizes with the drawstring closures? I have one here, and it has a made in USA tag. Fret not!


is it the real heavy mesh?
ok,ok,talking off the top of my head. Everyonce in a while REI has this good stuff for very cheap.

…You have hinted at this mod before. What are you doing with those bags under that deck, anyway?

The heavy stuff that looks to be shark-proof.


sun glasses, flares, radio, whatever.
things I want access to but don’t have room on my pfd.

Under deck is a lot more secure than on the deck.

How are you securing them?

Only good for in-stock items, I think…
I called REI’s customer service today and tried to order a Kokatat Meridian - because the salesperson in Seattle had told me last weekend that they “normally” sell them, but were temporarily out of stock. I was informed that it was a no-go with the 20%-off coupon for this reason.

They DID have the regular Kokatat Goretex front-entry suits, but that mango/cobalt color combination is just hideous enough to me that I’d rather go somewhere else and spend the extra money (and they didn’t have my size, anyway, so it STILL would have been a special order). I’d also like to have the spray skirt tunnel.

So I’ve given up the idea of getting my dry suit from REI and am heading out to another kayak shop tomorrow to try on a a couple of Meridians - if they have 'em - and maybe a Palm Stikine.

That just means I get to use my 20% coupon on something else, which is a nice excuse to BUY something else :).

Yeah, I’m sure my wife will see right through that ploy…

I’m wearing it now at my desk. I wonder why I have a “reputation” here at work…

Dang! Getting the second arm into the suit is an interesting contortion. And I will definately have to trim the latex wrist gaskets to fit my 8" circumference wrists - my hands are starting to turn red and puffy. But I will stretch them first.


dry suit entry
I find that its easier for me to ge tboth my arms in first, and then pop my head.

though when i was initially trying on dry tops i had to get my head in first or else i felt trapped

That is the way
Kokatat suggests on their website.