REI Outlet -ExtraSport SemiDry Tops

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Still have all sizes available...

Just ordered this ExtraSport paddle jacket from REI-Outlet... after the current discounts, it was $47.... not bad for a $150 retail jacket... free pickup at my local REI.

Looks like a decent middle weight jacket to between mt Stohlquist FreeFall drytop and the Kokatat Full Blast Tropos light jackets... I'm a sucker for a 60+20% off sale!!! :-)

If it sucks, I just ask REI for my money back.
Extrasport® Long-Sleeve Splash Top offers near dry-top performance that's ideal for paddlers looking for excellent water protection and value.
Highly breathable and waterproof X-Tile 2.5 fabric is light, strong and packable
Treated with DuPont™ Teflon® coating on shell for long-lasting water beading and stain resistance
Dry Dot inner coating adds comfort next to skin without need for a bulky lining; fully seam-taped to prevent water seepage
Glideskin™ TI-coat wrist and neck seals with hook-and-loop outer closures help prevent water seepage inside jacket
Generous cut with underarm gussets allows maximum mobility
Reflective piping at neck and wrists adds visibility in low light
Laser-cut, RF-welded chest pocket features curved, water-resistant zipper for secure storage of small items; key clip inside; drainage holes

20% more
I just ordered one myself and they are giving another 20% off thru today.

It’s a splash top. NM

Yup. I know…

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" I'm a sucker for a 60+20% off sale!!! :-)"

That why I mentioned the +20% off... it went from the 10th to 17th... They are NOT giving 60%+20%+20% off...

Still a great deal....

Never said it was Dry top…

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I said it was a "Semi Dry" top...

Maybe you can explain the diff between a "Semi Dry" top and a "Splash Jacket" with:
Highly breathable and waterproof X-Tile 2.5 fabric and Glideskin™ TI-coat wrist and neck seals with hook-and-loop outer closures help prevent water seepage inside jacket

I really don't know the fine distinction, but you do. Can you share your knowledge?

I know what a "Dry top" is.... that's pretty clear. (I have a Stohlquist Freefall drytop... all latex gaskets, completely watertight)...

I think…

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... a "semi-dry" top has latax gasket at the wrist.

It's not clear what kind of "inner closure" this "X top" has. (it mention "outer closure" only).

The idea of a "semi-dry" top is you'll stay "almost" dry after a few rolls. (a DRY top will stay dry after REPEATED rolls).

A typical "splash top will let water in from the wrist and neck when you go into the water.

So, it's not a DRY TOP, it's not even a "semi-dry" top. It's a "SPLASH" top.

That's what I recall. So your title is mis-leading.

Oh, thanks!!
So, a Kokatat Re-Action jacket is a semi dry… (Latex wrist, neoprene neck gaskets)

My Kokatat Full Blast doesn’t have latex wrist gaskets, yet has “zero” leakage at the wrists… now I’m REALLY confused!!! :slight_smile:

It is what it is… nothing more, nothing less… :slight_smile:


You’re right, the title was misleading
I updated/corrected the first post…

down to $28.83
not many sizes left.

Holy sh*t !!!
That’s a deal!!!

They’re nicely made jackets!!!

Hey, thanks for the tip
For $30 itd should be just what I was looking for. I have a Kokatat goretex drysuit and a set of hydroskins. I was looking for a wind breaker or paddling jacket to go over the hydroskins and ordered one of these.

big sale on…
everything ending in .83 has been marked at least 50% off. Some great deals to be had

Glad to help out after all the advice I gained.

XL are gone

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Sorry just saw some XL. Last nite it said there weren't any left

I got one… thanks for the heads up

Deals at REI
Picked up today an extrasport 2.5Xtile fabric spray top regular $99 reduced to $18.83. Can’t go wrong at that price! They have yakima stackers for under 30 on their web site.

Lots of deals instore.

Just found some XL left!

can you use the yakima stackers on Thule bars?

and conversely, you can use Thule stackers on Yakima bars

Would this all I need to carry a kayak? I just carry canoes now using a Thule set up.

if you have cross bars
everything else that you need will usually come in the box: straps, and lines to tie the bow/stern down