REI paddle sale running

REI has their January stuff sale going and there are some paddles on sale. I ordered a bent shaft Shuna 210 cm FG for $245. Did this 'cause as usual, when I recently started kayaking (with rolling classes about a year ago), I made …ah… a few equipment mistakes (let me tell ya the one about that three grand folding kayak:)

Anyhow my main touring paddle is just too long (a 230 cm Camano low angle stick). Oh, and I be short at 5’6".

The last couple of years has been expensive. I’ve managed to loose or wreck over a thousand dollars worth of tents, plus bunches of other stuff. I managed to get two nights out of my current tent before a bear attempted to move in. And no, there wasn’t anything in the tent other than my sleeping bag (cooking space was about 1/4 mile away from the tent). It’s nearly as bad as when I used to mountain bike and did in about three grand of equipment in one season.

At least I haven’t damaged my nearly new Eddyline Fathom LV boat, even after ramming a few rocks… boy, I’m glad that it isn’t FG.

Hopefully this year will go better!

Mad River IQ system parts!
Flotation bag lash in system $10

Adjustable tie downs $4

Given your luck
May I suggest a really good PFD as well?


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Me reckon’s ah’ better not loan yer
me cameras. Eh!


PFD fer me?
Heck, I wear my PFD every… it even makes a great pillow (honest!). But it’s hard scrubbing my back in the shower with the thing on.

I’ve mananged to not sink my Garmin 60c by virtue of using only lithium batteries, which make it just barely floatable.

Yes… Given Your Luck…

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I just ordered a helmet from REI for paddling in the shallow, shallow inlet. Marked way down. Check it out.*782433*Shred+Ready+AHM+5000+Helmet+-+%2708+Closeout

Oh hell. Yesterday it was 10 dollars less.

Still a nice price for a brain bucket
I love the smell of a winter sale in the morning. It smells like hickory (or something like that).

I’m just happy that I avoided buying anything else:)

All year
I beat the hell out of gear all year long.

It is not as expensive as greens fees, a $7,500.00 set of clubs and silly silly clothes.

Hockey (our other national sport) costs a fortune.

Snow mobiling or ATV running costs a bit too.

Alpine skiing can be more costly than kayaking here.

My son is going on a rock climbing competition in BC this summer. I thought the costs there were Shoes, Robes, Helmet and Harness… no!

Sea kayaking (or ww) is a great deal.

$4,000.00 and you should be set for a year, just feed it another $800 - $1,000. per for courses, trips and broken stuff.

Your car may need a new $400.00 rack each time you change that out.