REI stern light

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Any non-REI reviews of this light? Looking at a basic stern light that is inexpensive based on usage. I don't expect to be out at night too often, and if so, probably lakes and rivers where I will stay out of shipping lanes (like the hudson river).

I've seen more expensive TekTites and cheaper Innovative Lighting but this looks like a good medium and it includes a leash on it already and supposedly has good REI reviews..

I just found one positive review here under the safety section and not electronics...

..and there is an REI coupon.


Nice light
I bought this same light last fall, haven’t used it yet. Had to design a special mounting for my SOF. I bought it because it was the light specifically recommended by _____ for use on the Hudson River where I paddle. I just can’t remember who it was that recommended it - it does have a nice 360 degree white light which is the requirement in NY waters and it is slightly elevated. With the 20% coupon, I say go for it.

Meets the legal requirement if your
state has one and appears to be a bright light, but it needs to come above your head for best visibility.

Maybe I can just suction it to my head…HAHHAHAHA…

thanks, I’ll see if they have it in Marlton, I have to go to south jersey for mother’s day this weekend… I think it’s too late to do the Ship To option so if they don’t have it locally, I’ll order it from my sister’s place as the coupon expires May 11th.


I have this light
It is GREAT!. It is bright, uses AA recharable cells and best all, it makes a great tent or table light. We even used it during a power outage. The 2 LED’s are stingy on battery consumption so I am still on the original supplied batteries. You will love it.

Suction cup issues
Suction cups will not adhere to my P&H RM Capella, which has a textured polyethylene deck. Neither my flag pole, nor my light can be used on it. Any suggestions?

Suction cups don’t even stick well
to the smooth hull of my kayak. The former owner drilled a hole behind the cockpit to insert a PVC pole to which he attached a light. Drastic for a kayak like yours.

Nothing seems to

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Nothing seems to stick to poly boats very well. Short of drilling a hole, my only suggestion is a light on your head. If you are bald, the suction cup might stick but you better tether it.
I have a friend who has a light at the end of a 24 inch fiberglass rod. He attached it to his bald head and proceeded to roll a few time with it on and it stayed. Pretty darn cool and funny.

Maybe a helmet-mounted light? A modified headlamp? A fiberglass hull? Paddle daylight only? I am not helping so I will shut up now.

Extend the pole…
with the short pole, the paddlers body blocks the light to the front…raise it above the left shoulder, where you get three sixty visability.

As for mounting it, get an appropriately sized piece of material to form a base that will fit under the rear deck bungies, and drill a hole in it for the extended pole…hands free, and no drilling the hull…

In my case, I added a pvc “T” connection to the frame for my outriggers, and a cotter pin holds the pole securely until I want to remove it…


Shots 6 thru nine were how I did it…ignore the old AMA’s they’re gen I, I’m on Gen 2 (A much better design).

looks exactly like a tek-tite
three AA batts, it’s a bright one with long lasting batteries

Suction cups don’t even stick well

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My paddling pal has a fiberglass boat, and the suction cups sucks on that surface, too. That is to say, it stinks. Err, I mean it does not stick. So, if y9ou intend to stick the light on the hull, it won;t work. He has this same light.

Just buy a couple $10 waterproof LED lights and place under bungees front and back works best, original poster.

I’d just screw in the rubber thing
onto the deck, pretty sure it’s the rubber cap that goes on the bottom of crutches. Don’t bother with a suction cup.

I have a deck compass that isn’t permanently mounted to my fiberglass Impex, it has 4 bungees with clips on the end to attach to the deck rigging. Perhaps the same could be modified to mount to the light? by using two bungess (criss crossed) and then mounting the suction to the center of the X in some fashion…

Just a thought/idea anyway…