"rejuvenate" rubber hatch covers?

-- Last Updated: Aug-03-12 2:33 PM EST --

Greetings All,

For older hatch covers that may not have been ideally stored (As well as the rest of the kayak) - is there a method to "rejuvenate"/refresh/moisturize them?

Assuming the hatch covers that came with the kayak are the originals - they are around 10 years old or so, they do not show any signs of cracking, and do not feel brittle, but feel a little dry, and maybe the verge of developing cracks if the hatch is opened on a regular basis.

Any suggestions?

From any marine or paddling shop. Hatch covers should be treated a couple of times a year even if stored indoors.

Called 303 Aerospace Protectant. It’s rather pricey but a little goes a long way. Use it on your whole kayak as it will protect it too.

Yes definitely pollute the waterways with 303. Who needs clean water anyway ?

Yours doesn’t soak in?
It does for us. No residue if the hatch covers are allowed to sit for a bit.

Any paddler wearing emollient based sunscreen is leaving more residue in the water than is their kayak sprayed with 303. It’s a non-silicone product that doesn’t leave a film on the surfaces if it is properly applied, allowed to bond with the material and then the excess buffed off.