relief zipper

could I get some advice please on where to get a relief zipper put into a stohlquist body pod? Are there repair centers or specialist shops that do this?

word of advice to anyone reading this. Wait. save the funds for the relief zipper! Oh yeah…and the booties.


I can’t help, but…
Sorry I can’t help you, but I do strongly agree that the relief zipper, and sewn in booties ARE worth the extra money! :slight_smile:

Have you tried calling the company that made it? I understand Kokatat will do work on their products, maybe the company who made yours will also.

Why not Stohlquist?
That way you get whatever gurante3e they may offer on it.

have written to stohlquist and and just waiting for an answer. Thought perhaps there was something akin to a local paddleshop I could support also.

anyone seen this site? she looks very competent and will work on any number os specialty items.


i.e. Speciality Outdoors

I recollect that Outside Magazine or another publication had a write-up on Speciality Outdoors several years ago. I have exchanged emails with the owner (Penny) in regard to backpack modifications. She sounds quite capable. In the end I did not pursue getting the work done so I cannot comment directly on her work.

she just wrote me
and I was impressed with her response which was that she felt that with the heavy duty zipper arrangement needed that she was not able to do the work. However, I am sure that I will be using her on some backpacking modifications that I will probably need in the future. As you said, she seems quite capable.

I spoke to Stohlquist and they will be installing a relief zip for 64 bucks. worth it in my book.


that’s a great quote!
A dive shop would be 2-3x more.

Other people here have also said good things about Rainy Pass.

10-4 on that, Good Buddy
They are worth every penny.

stohlquist advises Rainy Pass
in Seattle…they had quoted me 100$…

def worth it!

Dive Shops
You may want to give a call to your local dive shop. Many dive shops are authorized repair centers for manufacturers such as Kokotat and have experience working with dry suits, gaskets, and waterproof zippers.


Stohlquist direct?
The address I am sending my bodypod to is TRX-Stohlquist in Alamosa Colorado.