Relieving Ones Self

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I just got my first sit in kayak and have started paddling open ocean these past three months and when you need to go to #1 or #2 what do you do? Why I ask is that my friend and I are planning on doing a 25 mile open ocean crossing to Catalina Island next year and would like some insight when nature calls!! Thanks.

You can pee in a bottle or a bailer. If you’re not easily embarassed, you can go over the side while a friend holds your boat. In warm water you can go for a short swim and then do an assisted reentry.

Wetsuits or drysuits without relief zippers make things much more complicated.

it’s not all that hard to get your P@C (Pee at Sea) merit badge. a plastic gatorade bottle works great. oh…large mouth! My wife uses a Fenis or FUD(Female Urinary Device).

#2? you better be up for swimming. I did it in El Salvador with a gnarly case of the $#!+$.slide out, do your biz, re-enter.

good luck


I use a condom catheter
for long solo paddlecrossings. essentially a condom that connects to drainage bag by way of a plastic tube.

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Gallon Zip Locks
The universal Bag, used for EVERYthing on the kayak. Cheapo drybag, relief bag for #1 and #2 in a pinch and whatever else you need it for.


It’s Like That Commercial…

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It’s Like That Other Thread …
Wrap up your troubles in an old %#it bag, and

smile, smile, smile

Just gotta love their bottles.

According to Derrek Hutchinson…

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who crossed the North Sea, the leak part is easy. No. 2 is interesting. What they did is raft up, bridge a paddle across the two boats, you climb out and hang your butt over the paddle and do it while the other paddlers eat breakfast.

As far as aparrel, if you're really serious about expedition crossings, you work it out with custom clothing, women't relief zippers etc. It goes with the territory. Or do this stuff in the summer.

One more thing…

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with all due respect, since you have been paddling for only 3 months, why not get some good experience, learn rolls, rescues and take some long paddles along the coast for a year, get in some rough water experience first and learn about the weather so we don't have to read about you in Sea Kayaker.

Also get a VHF, and learn about commnication stuff too.

one year more than enough time
one year is more than enough time to build up to the short 25 mile crossing the poster is talking about.



The Roll
Now you know why people practice their roll so much.

agree with jay
This isn’t a trivial paddle–some serious skills work is in order before attempting a long crossing. There’s a reason for the title of this website, which has a lot of information on it that is relevant to your proposed trip: . You may want to hook up with these folks. If you do what you need to do to get ready, including taking some skills classes or working with more experienced paddlers, you’ll have a lot of fun and really boost your skills.

yeah but…
at least they have the super important issues figured out!!!

#1 and #2.

Country Western song that never made it BIG:

“I may be TOPS in your book but you’ll always be number 2 to me”


does ‘it’ breathe if ‘it’s’ in a rubber all day?



Very refined to see a man refer to urine and excrement as #1 and #2.

For some reason I have an image of you and the TV character Monk paddling on your 25 mile jaunt with a plethora of plastic zip lock bags. LOL.

All good. But get lessons. You want to be ready on the water should the excrement really hit the fan.

25 miles Short?
Boy you guys must be Supermen. 25 miles of open ocean is pretty daunting to me. How long do you think you would be out of sight of land? At 3mph it would take a while too.

Derek also has a funny story about…
…condom cathethers. One of his buddies decided to use one to pee up and out of his cockpit, but apparently the human bladder can’t generate enough pressure to pee uphill that far. However, it apparently CAN generate enough pressure to blow off a condom catheter. You can imagine the results! :wink: